Office Massage London

Reserving a little time for massage at work is not just a luxury. Much as your staff will love it, the benefits of massage can bring a real competitive advantage to your company. It is scientifically proven that regular massage is an effective way to:

  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce Stress
  • Re-energise
  • Improve Mental Focus
  • Stay Healthy

If you want your staff to reach their potential, think of them like athletes. Regular massage keeps people in a healthy and happy state, primed for working productively. Your well-cared-for staff will exceed your expectations, take your company to new heights, and be easier to retain.

Incorporating a regular well-being day into your workplace schedule is easy. We have a team of therapists to hand 7 days a week. One or more therapists can visit your office, bringing a choice of accessories to suit your workspace.

A simple setup only requires a lightweight massage stool. This enables massage to be performed without your staff leaving their desks, with virtually no disruption to the working day.

At your request, we have our own specialist massage chairs. These padded chairs are specially designed for optimum seated massage comfort, giving your staff the opportunity to fully unwind at work.

For a more immersive experience, we offer to kit out a separate room with plants, mood lighting, and music to provide a relaxation haven at work.
You can rest assured that all our therapists are highly qualified, experienced, have full public liability insurance, and are dedicated specialists in massage for the public domain.

Would you like to create your company’s bespoke package? Or should you have any questions, we are always glad to hear from you.

Some office workers sat at desks while a man is having a leg massage.

Sami massaging a DIA staff member at their Amsterdam office.

Emmy massaging a woman's head in an office.

A DIA staff member enjoying a massage from Emmy at their Amsterdam office.

A mobile massage therapy chair in an office with some chairs and a table.

A portable massage chair our team brought to Morgan Mckinley on The Strand.

A man receiving a shoulder massage from another man.

Member of the Global team being massaged by one of our therapists.

Office Massage FAQs

How can mobile massage protect my staff from injury?

The strain of sitting at a desk for long periods leads to serious back and neck pain and injury. Massage provides instant relief from back, shoulder and neck pain, and helps to correct posture. If you want to safeguard your staff from work related injury and help them to stay well and feel cared for, don’t wait! contact us now.

Can massage boost productivity at work?

Massage is proven to improve mental clarity, increase focus, boost the immune system, promote quality sleep, brighten the mood and much more. No team should be without it.

Is mobile massage appropriate for the workplace?

Yes, absolutely. We can tailor packages to fit your office and there is no need to remove any clothing. Our therapists will bring an on-site massage chair or smaller lightweight stool which can be used at the desk with no disruption to the working day. If you want to provide your staff with an immersive break from work, therapists can use a separate room and combine music, mood lighting, aromatherapy and plants to create a workplace haven which your team will love.

Which companies do you provide massage for?

We provide massage at companies large or small, some well-known examples are: Wimbledon, Hewlett Packard, The White Company, Google, Yahoo, American Express, HSBC, Roland, Npower, Henley Royal Regatta, Royal Guards Polo Club, Open Link, Morgan Mckinley.

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